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Write a Letter to the Editor

FAIRGRADE has received excellent coverage on the grading policies issue.  But the most effective press comes from supporters who write letters-to-the-editor of local papers, telling them their first-hand experiences with FCPS' punitive grading policies and how they cost Fairfax County families money. 

Do you have a good point to make on the Grading Policies issue?  Here are some suggestions for writing an effective letter-to-the-editor: 
  1. Identify Yourself:  Put your full first and last name, address, phone and fax numbers and your email address at the top your letter.  Some publications may want to confirm authorship of the letter. 
  2. Reference Your Points: If you are referencing an article or letter that was recently published, identify if by its headline and the date it ran in the paper.  Identify your sources for key facts or figures. 
  3. Keep it Short and Pithy:  Keep your letter concise and to the point.  Focus on only one or two key subjects.  Write short paragraphs with short sentences. 
  4. Use Humor:  If you have a good sense of humor, make use of your wit. 
  5. Don't Attack:  If you are writing an opposition piece referencing a particular reporter or opinion editor, don't get personal.  Keep comments focused on your countervailing opinion in order to advance the debate. 
If your letter gets published, let FAIRGRADE know so that we can add a link to it on our website.