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Volunteer Opportunities

FAIRGRADE still needs volunteers! 

Here is how you can personally participate in this grasssroots movement:  

Encourage your PTA/PTO to formally endorse FAIRGRADE's efforts.
FAIRGRADE benefits greatly from endorsements.  They are another venue for us to keep the FAIRGRADE issue covered by the media. 

Email or Write the FCPS School Board and FFX Co. Board of Supervisors
Be specific about the action(s) you want to see taken or not taken.  

FCPS may recommend changes that FAIRGRADE favors including:  
  1. Support for a 10-point grading scale with pluses and minuses
  2. Support for increased weights for honors, AP/IB classes
  3. Support for numeric grades
Or FCPS may recommend positions or actions that FAIRGRADE does NOT favor including: 
  1. No change at all
  2. Weighting for AP/IB classes only (no Honors weighting & no change to the grading scale)
  3. Weighting for Honors and AP/IB classes only (no change to the grading scale)
  4. Change nothing and defer the issue to the state of Virginia to decide the grading policies issue (such action could take years.)
Organize groups of parents and students to make signs and rally for the FAIRGRADE cause at School Board Meetings. 
As a grassroots organization, it is imperative that FCPS, the media and the general public see the many faces that make up the FAIRGRADE organization.  Your presence and your voice - live and in person -  gives power to the FAIRGRADE cause and shows key decision makers that the Grading Policies issue is worthy of serious consideration.  
School Board meetings begin at 8:00pm at Luther Jackson Middle School in Merrifield, VA on Gallows Road at Route 50.  The ideal time to begin rallying is around 6:30pm outside in the parking lot.  Gallows Road gets a lot of rush hour traffic which means good publicity and exposure.

If you plan an event, demonstration or rally, let us know well in advance so that we can alert the media.  Strive to get on TV and make the papers.  These events make for great photo ops in the press.  Contact FAIRGRADE campaign manager, Catherine Lorenze at or by cellphone at:  202.744.2758. 

Regular School Board meetings are currently scheduled for the following dates:  

Thursday, September 4th, 2008
Thursday, September 18th, 2008
Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
Thursday, October 23, 2008
Thursday, November 6th, 2008
Thursday, November 17th, 2008

Sign up to speak at a School Board Meeting:  
Members of the community are invited and encouraged to present their views to the School Board.  In order to address the School Board, Fairfax County residents must sign up online beginning at 6:00am on the Monday preceding the board meeting or on the day the speakers list opens for a public hearing. You may also sign up by calling the School Board Office during normal business hours at 571.423.1075.    

For more information, go to:   School Board meetings are held in the Board room at Luther Jackson Middle School on Gallows Road at Route 50 in Merrifield.   The current School Board meeting schedule is listed in the previous point on this page, and can also be found under "EVENTS" on FAIRGRADE's Homepage.  

Please note, FCPS asks that you bring 20 copies of your prepared statement to the School Board Meeting. 

Do you have personal relationships with FCPS School Board Members or any of Fairfax County's Board of Supervisors?  
We need you for lobbying efforts and advice! 

Do you have ties with specific minority groups in Fairfax County? 
We need you for outreach efforts to minority groups, especially those who may not speak english. 

Do you have ties in the Fairfax County business community?
FAIRGRADE needs you for help with our Business Alliance lobbying efforts. You can reach the Business Alliance of Fairfax directly at:

Help our treasurer with thank you notes that are sent to our financial supporters.
FAIRGRADE  is staffed entirely by parent volunteers, many of whom have full-time jobs.  Our treasurer, Diane Farmer, is one of them.  FAIRGRADE is committed to personally thanking anyone who makes a financial donation to the FAIRGRADE cause.  If you are have access to a computer and a printer, this is a job you can easily do wherever and whenever it is convenient for you! 
    If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions, please contact FAIRGRADE's volunteer coordinator: 

    Tracey Liberson 

    If you can't reach Tracey, feel free to contact any of the FAIRGRADE officers.