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Questions to Ask FCPS Officials

FCPS officials are on the record stating they will release their report and recommendations about FCPS Grading Policies in mid-October '08.  Various FCPS students and parents have told FAIRGRADE they would like answers to these specific questions: 

1.  What redeeming factors, if any, do college admissions officers see in a 6-point grading system?  

2.  Colleges have limited time to review and decide which students they accept.  Realistically, do they really have the time and will to adjust for students who come from a 6-point grading system? 

3. This issue of moving to a 10-point scale seems to be a no-brainer for most students and parents.  What, exactly, is the evidence that supports maintaining the existing 6-point grading policy?

4.  What approach is most commonly used by college admissions offices to "normalize" an applicant's GPA so that the GPA can be used for the admissions selection process? 

5.  FCPS just released a report (8.26.08) showing FCPS students have again surpassed SAT Scores for the state of Virginia and the nation.  How is it possible that FCPS students are outperforming others on SAT Scores, and yet FCPS students' GPAs don't show similar achievement?

6.  In the end, is FCPS planning to defer this decision to the state legislature to create a uniform grading policy statewide?  If so, wouldn't that leave even more FCPS graduates disadvantaged under the 6-point grading scale until the state might create such a policy? 

7.  Is FCPS going to stick to the October 2008 deadline for issuing its final report and recommendations? 

8.  Is FCPS going to commit to School Board Chairman Daniel Storck's suggestions for a public Q&A session when the report is released?