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Make A Donation

Financial donations to offset the costs associated with FAIRGRADE's grassroots efforts are greatly appreciated!

This countywide, grassroots campaign is a massive and expensive undertaking staffed entirely by parent volunteers.  Our expenses include website fees, reproduction of FAIRGRADE presentation materials, production of thousands of Back-to-School Night "FAIRGRADE Information" fliers, media materials for print and electronic press outlets, state corporation commission fees, lobbying efforts and a potential advertising campaign in the fall.  

Fairgrade is incorporated as a 501(c)4 organization with the IRS.  

Financial donations can be made in one of two ways: 
  1. Paypal or credit card payment located on the HOME page of FAIRGRADE's website.   
  2. By personal check. 
All personal checks should be made payable to FAIRGRADE and can be mailed to: 

Diane Farmer - FAIRGRADE Treasurer
301 Maple Avenue West, Suite #320
Vienna, VA  22180-4301