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Forward to a Friend

You can help FAIRGRADE today by starting an email tree with your colleagues, friends and family.  Simply cut and past the sample email and send it to all of your colleagues, friends and family who live in Fairfax County.  Encourage them to forward it to their contacts as well. 

Dear Friend, I am signing FAIRGRADE's iPetition which is advocating for major revisions of the unfair grading policies in Fairfax County Public Schools.  FAIRGRADE has shown that FCPS' current 6-poing grading scale and weighting disparities between Honors and AP/IB classes hurt our kids and cost Fairfax County families money.

FAIRGRADE's immediate goal is to persuade FCPS to join the majority of American high schools who have implemented the more commonly used 10-point grading scale with added weights for Honors and AP/IB classes or a straight numeric scale with added weights for Honors and AP/IB classes. 

FCPS officials are currently studying FAIRGRADE's extensive research and conducting research of their own.  But this is not a done deal!  Please sign FAIRGRADE's online petition and encourage other concerned parents and students to do the same.   You can visit
 or for more information.