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FAIRGRADE is a parent advocacy group whose research has demonstrated that current FCPS grading policies cost Fairfax families money.  They put students at a disadvantage with respect to college admissions, merit scholarships, honors programs, NCAA athletic eligibility, and car insurance "good-driver" discounts. 

FCPS' grading policies have been in place since 1962.  They were last reviewed in 1997 and FCPS has been unable to locate data to support the current, existing policies.  As a result, FAIRGRADE has gathered extensive data from high schools and colleges nationwide. 

Compared to 44 nationally recognized school districts including Montgomery County and Arlington County, FCPS grading policies are punitive and unfair.  Furthermore, FAIRGRADE data demonstrates that FCPS students may lose out on valuable merit scholarships and access to college honors programs because of FCPS' existing grading policies. 

In the last three years, 15 school districts which previously used a tougher grading scale have determined that it hurts students and thus have switched to the standard, 10-point Grading Scale. 

Adopting a 10-point Grading Scale and increasing the weight for Honors and AP/IB courses will benefit FCPS students.  It will encourage students to take more challenging courses, and it will allow students to receive the fair grades they deserve.