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FCPS Document
Honors Recommended for Additional 0.5 Weighting

Announced on: Monday, June 29, 2009

Instructional Services  6/25/2009

Honors Courses Recommended for Additional 0.5 Weighting



English and Social Studies Courses


 Pre-AP English 9/Pre-IB English 9 

 Pre-AP English 10/Pre-IB  English 10  

 World History & Geography I Honors/Pre-AP World History & Geography I

 World Civilization 1 Honors/Pre-AP World Civ 1

 World History & Geography 2 Honors/Pre-AP World History & Geography II 

 World Civ 2 Honors/Pre-AP World Civ 2

 Pre-AP US History

 American Civ Honors 

 Pre-IB World History  

 Pre-IB Comparative Government (when students not required to take the AP test) 



Mathematics and Science Courses


 Algebra I Honors

 Geometry Honors/Pre-IB Geometry 

 Algebra II Honors/Pre-IB Algebra II

 Algebra II/Trig  

 Precalculus with Trigonometry Honors/Pre-IB Precalculus with Trigonometry 

 IB Mathematics SL I 

 Honors Biology/Pre-IB Biology 

 Honors Chemistry 

 Honors Physics

 IB Chemistry 1

 IB Physics 1



Additional Courses at TJHSST Only


TJHSST Humanities Seminars, Math Techniques, Parallel Computing 1 and 2, Geosystems, and all

Research and Mentorship courses in Science, Mathematics, and Technology