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YouTube Links to Speakers in Support of FAIRGRADE
FCPS School Board Meeting 1.8.09

Announced on: Thursday, January 08, 2009

Several speakers spoke in support of FAIRGRADE at the FCPS School Board meeting on 1.8.09.  

Their remarks are posted on YouTube. 

To hear the following speakers, go to this link:

1.  Emily Goodnight:  A high school student from Marshall High School who has been accepted to Utah State University, but denied admission to USU's business school because of her high school GPA.  Goodnight says if she lived in Arlingon or Montgomery County whose school districts have the standard 10-point grading scale, her GPA would not be an issue.  

2.  Josephina Cervantes:  Spouse of a foreign service officer who has five children, three of whom attend Fairfax County Public Schools.  Cervantes says if she known about FCPS' grading policy, they would have likely moved to a different county with the standardized 10-point grading scale. 

3.  Todd Gaziano:  A US Civil Rights commissioner.  Gaziano says FCPS' grading policy harms black and Hispanic students the most, and raises serious legal and policy issues.