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Honors Program

This chart, prepared and researched by FAIRGRADE, details the Honors Program requirements at many Virginia colleges and universities: 




 School Policy on GPA

 Virginia Tech
Minimum 3.5 GPA/1400 SAT/31 ACT or
Minimum 3.7 GPA/1300 SAT/29 ACT
"No Exceptions"
("Ass't Director of Admissions) 
 James Madison University 1300 SAT or 30 ACT or
Top 10% of class or
un-weighted GPA of 3.5 
Minimum GPA required to apply
(website recently changed to indicate exeptions may be allowed.) 
George Mason University Honors:  Strength of Record
Scholars:  3.7 GPA* 1300 SAT or
29 ACT
(Scholars Program provides full tuition)
*GPA for this year
No Exceptions on Scholars Program GPA
Minimum Requirement
Un-weighted GPA 3.5/ 1910 SAT No credit for AP or Honors classes
Christopher Newport 3.5 GPA/1200 SAT or 27 ACT Honors council "Exercises Discretion in Admittance"
Longwood University Minimum "recalculated"
GPA 3.5*
*except under rare conditions
No weight for AP or Honors classes; only core classes considered in GPA

Radford University
Need two: 
3.5 GPA or top 20% of class or 1100 SAT
24 ACT
Admissions based on ratio of GPA and SAT; Varies each year

In November 2007, Indiana University told FAIRGRADE the following: 

"...IU does not refigure GPAs for freshman applicants.  
We accept the GPAs as submitted by high school counselors..."

Source:  Jocelyn Bowie, Director of Communications and Recruiting, IU College of Arts and Sciences - Nov. 2007

Direct freshman admission requirements for IU's Honors Program include the following: 
  1. ACT>=29 or SAT>=1270 and
  2. Top 10 percent of high school class or GPA>=3.5 (on a 4.0 scale)